October 2022 Newsletter

Grand Knight’s Message

Brother Knights,
The council got off to a slow start until September’s food drive. This month we have our first Highway 3 cleanup activity. Please come out and help us keep our two-mile section clean! The more members that participate the faster we can complete the clean-up. Details for this event are listed in the Community section of this newsletter. Next month we will also need volunteers for our second food drive. This consists of giving food list handouts at the entry door, collecting donations, packing / weighing crates, and stowing items for transport to ShareNet. This event is done using 2-hour shifts over a 6-hour period (unless you volunteer for more hours). This keeps your Saturday plans flexible. If you can’t volunteer, consider stopping by and say hello, donate food items, or cash to this worthy cause! Details for this event will appear in the Family section of next month’s newsletter and current calendar.
The budget for 2023 was formulated at our recent officers meeting and then presented at this month’s membership meeting. The first vote for approval was passed at this meeting. The second and final vote to approve the budget will be held at our next membership meeting on 8 November at 7 pm. A copy will be sent to all members prior to this meeting. If you have an issue to discuss about this budget, come to our meeting on Tuesday, 8 November!
Looking forward to seeing you there!
Vivat Jesus!
John Wahlfors

Financial Secretary’s Message

We are approaching the time to create and approve our annual budget for the next calendar year. Planning on presenting the draft budget at this month’s membership meeting.

October Birthdays

Ronald Moore 8th, Dan Bracher 16th, Dale Heter 23rd, Antonio Carbo 25th, William Cockerham 26th, and Brian Dougherty 26th.

October Knight of the Month

Jacob Steiner. This Knight is currently the council’s Deputy Grand Knight and Family Director for our Faith in Action activities. He is also the one who coordinates our food drives for the local food banks and Tootsie Roll dives to raise funds to support the Special Olympics and Easter Seals charity programs.

Family of the Month

Larry and Kathryn Devlin. Larry is a Past Grand Knight and currently serves as a Trustee and Membership Director. He also is the director of KCHELP program locally. Kathryn supports our council’s and Larry’s activities and helps with meals and social activities.

Faith Director’s Message

This month is unique. It is Respect Life Month and the month dedicated to the Rosary. This gives us an opportunity to say some extra rosaries for the intention of restoring a Culture of Life to our world.
Holy Father’s Prayer Intention for the Month: We pray for the Church; ever faithful to, and courageous in, preaching the Gospel, may the Church be a community of solidarity, fraternity, and welcome, always living in an atmosphere of synodality.
Saint of the Month: St. Luke (Feast Day is 18 October). St. Luke is the patron Saint of physicians and was a companion of St. Paul and was with Timothy on his journeys while St. was imprisoned in Rome.

Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP)

As the right arm of the church, Knights of Columbus are committed to providing moral, financial, and spiritual support to our future priests at all stages of their formation.
Our council’s current assigned seminarian is Sylvester Rosario who is now studying Pre-Theology at Mount Angel Seminary. Please contribute by giving a monetary donation at meetings or at the link provided on the right side of this page. Another way is by participating in the “Pop Cans for Priests” empty pop can collection behind the kitchen at St. Olaf’s.

From the Community Director

Our Highway 3 clean-up event is scheduled for 9 am Saturday, October 15th. We will meet at the St. Olaf parking lot for a briefing, issue of required safety items, bags, and trash grabbers. Hope to see you there! “Many hands make light work.”


After our expansion into the Bremerton and Port Orchard areas and with the enthusiasm put forth by our Brother Knights in the Bremerton Councils, our growth should continue at the currently rapid pace. As more and more health care organizations get the word out about what we are doing, our workload gets correspondingly greater. If this is something that you would like to be involved with, please contact Larry Devlin so we can get you started. Our volunteer needs are across the board but one in particular would be very helpful. We really need someone to answer the phone!

From the Family Director

Our first food drive of the fraternal year was held on Saturday, 17 September at the Red Apple Food Market in Poulsbo, collecting over 620 Lbs. of food and over $340.00 to support the ShareNet Food Bank/Operations. Well Done! We have scheduled Another food drive on 12 November. We are also planning a drive in December on the 17th. Please volunteer for one of these events! Both food drives will be at the Red Apple in Poulsbo. Check the council calendar on our web page and this newsletter. We will also have more information in this section of future newsletters.
Family Reflection: Choose entertainment wisely. Those who make movies, television shows, video games, or other forms of entertainment make what sells. They don’t necessarily intend to enlighten or uplift. A steady diet of violent entertainment and media helps us to become comfortable with violence and to see people as characters rather than humans. Instead, choose entertainment that inspires you to live a better life, and pray for victims of violence and for the souls of those who perpetrate it.

From the Life Director

Life Chain: Once a year, on the first Sunday in October, this year on Sunday, October 2nd, about 300 Christians of all denominations congregated in Silverdale for what is called a Life Chain. The purpose was to devote one and a quarter hour of prayer in a peaceful way for the unborn child. Two of our council members, one of which was a wife of a member, and one parishioner for St. Olaf attended this event. Let’s try better next year!
40 Days for Life: Runs from Wednesday, October 28 to Sunday, November 6. Sign up for a slot at https://www.40daysforlife.com/en/bremerton.

If your schedule is too erratic to sign up for a slot, just show up any day, any time. Core hours are 9am-4pm, Monday – Friday.

Fourth Degree Assembly Notes

Our next Assembly Meeting will be held on October 18th and will be at St. Peter’s Mission in Suquamish at 6:30 pm. Main order of business is a discussion of upcoming events and activities. Refreshments will be available.


We will be hosting an Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity at St. Peter’s on October 25th. We will begin gathering at 6:30 PM and plan to start the exemplification at 7 PM. We have one new member candidate for our Council and expect several others from neighboring Councils. Please come and join in by supporting both the exemplification team and our new members.

As always, be sure to invite any and all Catholic men over 18 years of age to join us. Our online membership application is available on www.kofc.org. New members receive free membership their first year by using entering BLESSEDMCGIVNEY in the coupon code field on the application.

Logo Clothing

You may have noticed the sharp looking green shirts that fellow members of our Council have sported at our events. Contact Larry Devlin if you have not yet had a chance to get your shirt. $30 each for button-down collar shirts and $20 for polos. We also have khaki aprons, but you’ll need to see Financial Secretary Tom Musha for those. They are $15 each.  New 4th Degree polo shirts are now available at $20 each.

From our Insurance Assistant General Agent, Dan O’Keefe

As a member, you and your family are entitled to a complimentary, comprehensive financial needs analysis. Now, more than ever, its important to know where you stand. I would love to sit with you, either virtually or in person, to provide an updated analysis and see how your financial future is shaping up. No pressure. No cost. It’s your Fraternal benefit. Let me know when would be a good time to connect.
Lots of things have changed in the last couple years. What hasn’t changed is that your Knights of Columbus field agent is here to meet your shifting needs.

What’s happened since the last time you met with him? Have you and your wife welcomed a new child into your family? Have your kids graduated and moved out? Have you or your wife retired or started planning for retirement?

Sometimes when circumstances change, plans need to change too. Your field agent can meet with you to ensure that you and your family remain protected and that your dreams are secure. He will do this through a custom and complimentary financial needs analysis.

This needs analysis is free and only takes about an hour. You and your spouse will meet with your field agent to discuss specifics and to piece together a comprehensive picture of your situation. You’ll identify any gaps and have a better sense of what you can do to address them.

Again, these financial needs analysis is a free tool for you as a brother Knight. You don’t have to have existing insurance with us to take advantage of this tool and you’re under no obligation to purchase coverage.

So what do you need to do to assess your situation? Contact your agent today and schedule an appointment. Let your Knights of Columbus field agent, your brother Knight, be your compass as you navigate the uncertainty of today’s financial tides.

Good of the Order

Pease pray for all our Brother Knights who through their charity are supporting their friends and neighbors in this time of need, for our Parish that we may come through this crisis with our faith and our commitment to charity stronger than ever, and for those in our community who are battling the Corona virus, that the Great Physician will heal them and their families.

Members, Family and Parish members in need of prayer:
Ann Wahlfors, Cyndie Huetter, Julie Beer, Monica DeCarlo, Roy Behling, Jim Lee, Kim Washburn, and Larry Ensor.
Also keep in our prayers:
Alex Steiner, Lauren Musha, Active Duty Military/Veterans, First Responders, Elected officials, Hurricane victims, Ukraine War victims, Supreme Court Justices, Right to Life.
Prayers in Memoriam for Members, Family and Parish members: Charles Hackett, Pat Lee, and Lois Tomas.

Brother Knights in the Lord’s Care

Rudy Aguilar
Robert Bailey
Walter Bale
Tom Bennett
George Benning
Paul Bidlenick
Mike Brandewie
Curtis Brown
Rev. Leslie Colaco
George Cole
Lawrence Corrigan
Jon Cox
Lynn Day
John DeLaurenti
Dirk Drew
Jerry English
Theodore Ferrioli
James Fisher
Larry Fisher
William Gillingham
Robert Gosne
y Jr.

Charles Hackett
John Head
Raymond Hightower
Rev. Phillip Kanicki
Edward Marazas
James McDonough
William Melay
James Mimms
Robert Mitchel
Matt Neff
Francis Nichols

Vernon Nystrom
Geno Orsi
Dan Parmley
Louis Pilato
Raymond Provost
Wayne Redfern
Timothy Roidinger
Dick Risley
Charles Roberts
George Schrader
M.L. Schumaker
Robert Smith
Leland Snider
Richard Spinks
Gilbert Starost
Michael Thatcher
Francis Turk
Donald Weedin
Ronald Wernke
Paul Williams
James Young

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